Sunday, December 13, 2009

Juggling my children

I was talking to my husband this evening as we drove home from my sister's place. The boys were in their car seats blathering away about who was Batman and who was Spiderman. Me, thinking that no one under 5 was listening to me, began to talk about the CBC interview I had done today. (For the upcoming show at Second City! Dec 20th, 2pm, please come!) I said something like "and I was describing the show about juggling my kids and career." Well, of course, Nathan picked up on it. "Mommy! You just said you are juggling your kids! You're not juggling me and Jakey!" Now I know what my next poster or book cover will be...

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Suddenly Mommy at The Second City Sunday Dec 20th

Okay, it's late and I should be going to sleep, but I need to give you the low-down, you know, before it's morning, and the kids are up, and I get too busy again.

Here's the thing. The Children's Storefront burned down on Oct 31st. It was the original mommy-baby drop in. It opened 35 years ago, to help mommies and daddies, and babies. You know, a drop in. A place to go. Especially in the winter. And now we have drop ins every where. And I swear it's all thanks to Roona Maloney and The Children's Storefront.

So, when I heard the tragic news, first I cried. Then I emailed Roona and asked if I could do my mommy show for her. And when she said "I'd love it!" I went about finding a venue. So I asked Andrew Alexander at Second City who said "Of course!" and then I asked for posters and postcards and Industry Images said "we'd love to!"

So, in about 19 days, we're going to raise some money for The Children's Storefront. And have a laugh! I'm performing Suddenly Mommy!, a funny one woman show about being an old, new mom, at The Second City, on Sunday December 20th at 2pm. $20. for tickets. Please come. You'll laugh and laugh and laugh. And feel really good about yourself for giving to this important cause. A great way to kick off the holiday season! xoxo AMS