Saturday, March 6, 2010

SuperMoms, SuperStepMoms and SuperHumanGoals

So, are you as tired as I am? I have dreams, big dreams. And kids, cute kids. Really, can we please buy sleep by the bottle? If I use the philosophy of The Secret, which I truly love- I was driving to Hamilton by myself on Friday, lots of time (2 hours x 2) to listen to the 4 CD set of The Secret- then all I have to say is "I have plenty of time." So there: I'll say it. I have plenty of time. And my kids listen to me. And I'm a good mom. And I will make the world a better place because I care about being a good mom. A fabulously rich, gorgeous, sexy, surprisingly young looking, healthy, funny, famous mom. Who gets tons of sleep. Bottles and bottles of sleep. I have dreams, big dreams... xoxo AMS
ps I just found a web-group called SuperStepMoms in the Hamilton/Burlington area. I'll post their website on the side here...

pps- Suddenly Mommy is going to be in Hamilton! March 11th and March 13th at The Staircase! Come on out and eat, drink and laugh!

March 11th and March 13th in Hamilton Ontario!

Perfectly Norma Productions and The Staircase Presents
Suddenly Mommy!
She got married and had kids for the glamour and there is no glamour!
Written & Performed by Anne Marie SchefflerCanadian Comedy Award nominee, Second City Alumna, and star of her own comedy special on CTV/ The Comedy Network, Anne Marie Scheffler is back with her 7th one person show: Suddenly Mommy! Having her babies later in life, Scheffler demands answers from a world where she is no longer first! Like can I have the same goals I had before I had kids? How do the Hollywood moms do it? And when will I ever sleep again? Spoofing Celine Dion and Supernanny, Scheffler speaks the truth of the “Sex and The City turned Yummy Mommy” crowd: there’s not much time to put make-up on anymore! Recognizing that she is at bad at parenting as she was at dating, Scheffler refuses to repeat her relationship mistakes, so she finds a backbone. Not an easy thing to do when you are told to put everyone first, now that you’re a mom! “Anne Marie Scheffler didn't think motherhood would be this hard. She thought she could be the sexy showbiz mom, with a baby in one arm, a movie script in the other. Her jarring realization otherwise makes for a humorous and entertaining show. Scheffler is a charismatic, sparkling performer.”- CBC ReviewThe Staircase Theatre27 Dundurn Street North, Hamilton OntarioThursday March 11th , 8 PMSaturday March 13th , 8 PM$15/ or905-529-3000 for ticketsTwo shows only! Book the babysitter now!!!!