Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Big Case of Holiday Whine

Tonight we came home at 10pm. Cuz we were having a holiday visit with family at my brother's house. Lots fun, noise, booze (well, not for me, cuz I was driving) and getting kids to bed late. Jake, 3, was fast asleep by the time we got home. Nathan, 6, was still awake, but tired. Dave carried Jakey into the house, while I walked with Nathan. "Mommy, you...whine whine whine whine whine.." Is all I heard. "What Nathan? Speak up, Sweetheart." Then some more whining, Then more of my "what? I can't hear you? What is it?" Finally, we get inside and I'm doing what I can to get Nathan into bed. More whining. I get that he wants his pajamas from the car. Jake's already tucked in bed, sleeping soundly, so Dave goes to get Nathan's pajamas. So much for unpacking the car tomorrow morning. Me and Nathan wait. More whining. I still can't figure him out. I ask if he'd like me to rock him in the rocking chair. No, that just gets him annoyed. I guess because I haven't gotten what he's trying to tell me. Fine. I will walk away so I don't get all snippy with him. I fill the humidifier tank under the tap in the bathtub. The water runs loudly. I faintly hear Nathan whining. This is getting crazy. Finish filling the water, stand quickly, hit my head on the corner of the bathroom cabinet. Now I lose my composure. "Nathan! If you want to speak to me, come into the room I am in! Do not whine in your room, expecting me to hear you! I could not hear you over the water running! What do you want to say?!" And I think I'm giving you the very nice version of this story. With tears in his eyes, a very tired Nathan says "I said: I remember what I was trying to tell you when we were coming into the house. I said you're the best mom in the world." Doesn't it just figure?

Friday, December 24, 2010

Dec 24th Morning

We woke up at 7:38am this morning: the boys wanted their presents. I told them they were going to get Mom and Dad presents this morning, and Santa presents on Christmas morning, at Gramma and Grandpa's, and then more presents at Gramma and Poppa's on December 27th. Such a schedule!

Wel, I'm still smiling from the present opening this morning. Our little family. Housecoats, hotwheels, backugans, chocolate, dvd's and placemats. Then, at 9am, I went back to bed for an hour. Another gift to my family. xoxo AMS
ps Merry Christmas and warm feelings of love to you and yours.