Monday, July 4, 2011

I Want Somebody to Fight With Me...

Jake, the 4 year old, is trying to amuse himself, while I get stuff done on the computer (paying credit card bills). My step-daughter, my other son and Jake are home. Summer vacation. Oh, how I miss daycare and school already. But I've got the 12 year old step-daughter in charge of making lunch. For a fee. She's earning money. If only she took VISA.

Jakey found two mini pool cues and wants somebody to fight with him. I've got the family finances on-line and can't be distracted. Wouldn't want to over pay Mastercard. "I want somebody to fight with me," he moans. "Go upstairs and fight with Nathan," I tell him. "He's very good at fighting."

"No!" says Jake. "I want you to fight with me! I want somebody sucky!" Nice.